Can Outsourcing Legal Work Buy Happiness?

We think so. It seems there is never enough time and everything is a rush to wait. A continuance. An interruption. Always. Something.

Ashley Whillans, professor at Harvard Business School, researches time-money trade-offs. Whillans posits that “more people would be happier if they spent more of their hard-earned money to buy themselves out of negative experiences.” 

Run the Call was born from a similar logic: If an attorney could outsource his or her simple status hearing or non-contested motions, that extra 30 minutes to an hour could have a huge impact on that attorney’s happiness and relationships. 

You can listen to this podcast here or read her HBR article “Time for Happiness.”

Gianna Scatchell

Gianna Scatchell

Gia is our fearless leader, the CEO and Co-Founder of Run the Call! She is passionate about all things at the intersection where law meets technology.

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